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What We Offer


Unlimited access to a national network of licensed doctors via telephone or video chat, who can help to diagnose and even prescribe in real-time directly from your mobile device


At its core, healthshare is designed to provide the consumer with the most affordable way to access benefits for a catastrophic event. These benefits can contain millions of dollars in the offering and at a price millions of uninsured people can afford. USAHP is strategically aligned to provide you an exclusive healthshare offering not found anywhere else that is Recognized by CMS & The Affordable Care Act.

Level Funded Benefit

Level Funding, a type of self-funding; is unique to the market place and provides the employer sponsoring benefits the ability to reap the financial rewards of being self-insured. Done through a cooperative comprised of other businesses achieving the same goal, the USAHP design delivers stable monthly costs and while providing the employer the opportunity to realize a refund each plan year for unused claims dollars allocated within the plan. No pun intended, but this type of benefit design can really “Level” the playing field for the small business owner looking to deliver the benefits of a large company.  

Ancillary Benefits

Built to provide first dollar benefits for every day medical needs like office visits, prescription drugs, dental, & vision;  as well as provide benefit to fill gaps or holes that may exist within your current insurance plan for Accidents, loss of Income from Disability and Critical Illnesses.

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